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I’m Anastasia Noble, and shortly after moving to college, my life changed forever.

I became a familiar, bonded to a wolf for life and arrested simply for existing.
I woke up in the famous Familiar Empire community where I have to learn to bond with my wolf, or I can never leave.
Never again see those whom I love.

Bonding is my only option, if you could even call it an option, but add in familiars going missing every week, plus being stuck in a cabin with three mysterious, attractive, male familiars and their maddening animals...this is not going to be easy.


I'm Anastasia Noble, and after becoming a familiar, I thought I'd found my home. I was wrong.

The famous Familiar Empire is full of secrets but none as deadly as my own past that is slowly creeping up on me.
Alexander, Liam and Mason made a vow that means they cannot help me now.
No matter what they promised.
But can my angel in the shadows guide my way?

Welcome to the world of the Familiars...where no one has seen the worst yet to come.


The houses of Dawn and Violeta have declared war and I have to stop them.
But I’m not alone.

My name is Anastasia Noble and I have to go against my family to save everyone I love. After finding out secrets that have been hidden for years, now more than ever Anastasia and her men need to stop her sister before it’s too late.

They say dreams don’t always come true.
But mine do.

When gods and familiars go to war, not everyone can make it out alive.

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