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A monster has stalked me my entire life.
But now I’m hunting him.

My job is to hunt monsters and I’m damn good at it—until a monster breaks into my apartment in the middle of the night and kidnaps me.
Turns out he isn’t just a monster.
He’s the Wyern king.
Wyern’s, a race feared by everyone, are known to be stronger than the fae who rule my world, and no one has seen them in years. The king needs my help to track down his missing sister from within a city his race is banished from and I’m the best he can find.
Only, he isn’t the only one looking for monsters in Ethereal City.
The Fae Queen’s grandson is missing.
Working for fae, monster or not, is risky. Most end up dead and I have too much to lose to end up as one of them.
I’m going to find the missing royals and be careful about it, especially with my grumpy boss breathing down my neck and watching my every move.

The Wyern King is cruel, cold, and unbelievably beautiful for a male… and my new enemy.

Heir of Monsters is a full-length paranormal Monster Romance with mature themes. This is a spicy, enemies to lovers romance and is recommended for 17+.

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