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1 The Broken and Sinned front cover for

There is no place for love in a world of vampires who own your soul.

On Riona Dark’s eighteenth birthday, being kidnapped by strangers in the night was not the surprise party she was expecting.
Riona is taken to the hidden world of vampires, a remote island called The Onyx, where being human means you are less than nothing. Riona is soon locked up with other humans and finds out that she will be sold at The Auction.

When two vampire princes, with dark eyes and even darker souls, come to view her and the others, Riona knows the vampires here are just as dangerous as they are gorgeous.
Once sold, Riona is told that her life belongs to the vampires that own her. They will own her soul, mind and body. Resisting means only death.

Riona won’t be sold without a fight, and the only power in The Onyx is blood, desire…and death. 

Warning: This book is a dark romance and it contains themes not for the faint of heart. 

2 The Cursed and Desired final frontl co

There’s no love in a world of witches and war. 

Riona Dark’s plan to escape The Onyx, and the vampire she left behind there, all went up in smoke the moment the witches revealed their true intent.
On the witches’ island, The Quartz, Riona finds it’s full of more horrors than she could imagine. Protecting Arlo, discovering her family’s secrets, and learning the true power of the orbs make surviving The Quartz nearly impossible.
With war on the horizon,
Death chasing her soul,
And a vampire prince demanding she come back to him...Riona doesn’t know which way to turn.

One thing she does know, Riona won’t be a tool for the witches or die for the vampires without a fight. The Onyx may have let her escape, but one vampire will never let her go.

Warning: This book is a dark romance and it contains themes not for the faint of heart. 

3 Immortal and Damned final front cover.

There is no place for immortal love in the world of the damned.

Vampires. Witches. Sirens and Hellcasters.
Can one queen rule them all?
Who will survive when the final war is over?

Riona Dark survived being sold at the auction, living with two vampire princes, and taking the magic of the island as her own.
But losing Maddox, the mad prince, and the vampire who owns her heart, is too much. The sirens offer Riona a way to erase her emotions, to escape the empty pit inside her chest and the island full of vampires looking to her as their queen.

But what if it’s not the end for Maddox?
Can they save each other before it’s too late?

Warning: This book is a dark romance and it contains themes not for the faint of heart. This is the final book of the trilogy.

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