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I’ve been rejected by everyone—but an alpha heir wants me to be his pretend mate.

As the only wolf shifter in my pack not to shift, being rejected from my home when I turned eighteen was not unexpected when the shifter war is so close. But being sent to a secret academy full of immortal wolf shifters, demons, and teachers with no morals wasn’t something I planned for.

Luna Alpha Academy is for rejects only.

They choose wolves that no one cares about if they go missing and if I can survive long enough to learn the dark magic they teach, I might even be welcome back home as a wolf-witch.

Only catch?

My tutor is a hot shifter asshole who takes what he wants—this time it’s me.

In exchange for extra training, Atlas wants me to pretend to be his.

Every kiss, every possessive touch, every growl to anyone that comes near me only makes me want him more.

But I can’t have him. Not really.

He’s the alpha heir.

I’m a wolf who can’t even shift.

We don’t belong together, and it’s fake. It can’t ever be real.

Dark magic is my future and my only way back to my pack. 

This is a full-length trilogy full of sexy alpha males, steamy scenes, a strong heroine and a lot of sarcasm. Intended for 17+ readers.

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I’m rejecting him—even if my heart doesn’t agree.

Atlas Arcturus is trouble. I knew it from the start. I knew it from the second he kissed me after I agreed to be his pretend girlfriend.

But I seriously underestimated how one alpha heir could take my heart and destroy it.

Now I have to pick up the pieces and survive what the academy throws at me.

There is a traitor in the academy, someone who is feeding information to the wearbears. I’m tasked with working with Atlas to find out who it is.

The more time I spend around him, I realise he should have always stayed my enemy.

My tutor. Off-limits to me.

Because once I gave Atlas Arcturus my heart, my body, and my soul, I should have known he wouldn’t ever give it back.

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I’m finding a way back to my mate—even if it means taking the truth back with me.

After finding out Tobias betrayed everyone, he kidnapped me and took me back to his home. With the Wearbears and his family for one reason only: he believes I’m his mate and he believes our mating would stop the war. 

But I have a mate, and I would never change a thing.

The war has begun, and no one is going to win… unless I stop it.

Atlas Arcturus is my mate and I will fight for the future we can have. Nothing, not even a shifter war, is going to keep us apart.

He was once my tutor, my enemy and the first male I’ve kissed.

Now he is my alpha. My mate. My future.

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