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Exclusive POV scene from Winter's Guardian...


I pull my truck up outside a large apartment building, where the scent of Freddy’s blood is strongest. I’ve been looking around town all night and tracking him from the moment I realised he left the pack. The pup must have run the whole way to town. Fuck he best be okay. I jump out the truck and walk across the carpark, stopping when I see the blood on the floor in the dim morning light. I lean down and wipe my finger in it, knowing its Freddy’s from the smell. I look up, seeing the trail of blood leading into the apartment building and I hold in the growl that my wolf lets out. If I find whoever hurt my nephew in there, I’m going to kill them and my wolf will happily help me shred them to pieces. I stalk into the building, seeing the blood has been cleaned up in here but I can still smell it, along with a faint vampire smell in the air. Fucking vampires causing shit again, but I doubt they would be stupid enough to take a pup. “I know you’re in there lad and you have some explaining to do!” I shout after banging the door I know he is behind. The door opens and the sweet scent of the woman in front of me hits me instantly, also making me want to fall to my knees. The woman is fucking stunning, with long brown hair, pouty lips and bright blue eyes that give me a question filled look. “Where’s my nephew and why the hell can I smell his blood Lass? Don’t make me hurt you to find out.” I say, and a slight growl follows my words. I don’t care how pretty she is, or how drawn I am to her if she hurt Freddy then I will kill her. She looks up at me, her beautiful deep blue eyes locking with mine and I find myself struggling to look away. She isn’t scared of me at all, not as she looks up at me now and there’s a challenge in her gaze. There’s something else about her, I wonder if she could be? No…she couldn’t. Dabriel and the others would have warned me away from her. “Don’t you dare hurt her, I owe her my life uncle Jaxson.” Freddy says behind the woman and I watch as he places his hand on her shoulder. I can’t help the growl that slips out and I want to slap my wolf. What the fuck? “Why don’t you come in, and less of the growling.” She says with a slight tut and it takes me back for a minute. I watch as she walks away, and Freddy just grins at me. This woman is going to be trouble.

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