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Exclusive Halloween Bonus scene from A Demon's Fall Series...


"It's Halloween," I point out, flicking through the channels on the tv as Connor rubs my feet. Every advert between my movie is full of pumpkins, costumes and cobwebs. The humans stopped advertising witch outfits or anything to do with witches a few years ago because they complained. The witches said it was demeaning to their kind. It's all a load of crap in my eyes. "The human festival? I much prefer the day of the dead which is a few days later," he replies. "Do protectors do anything for Halloween?" I ask, curious. "No, not really," Connor replies. "I used to get a pumpkin for Hali to carve, and she would dress up as a witch for trick or treatin'," I tell him, and I actually miss doing that with her. I miss Hali full stop, and this holiday just reminds me of the fact we aren't together right now. "I have an idea," Connor says, putting my feet back on the sofa and getting up. "I'll be right back." I don't get a second to reply to him as he jogs out the room, shutting the door behind him. I look over at Star as she rolls on her stomach, loving the heat from the fire. She looks comfy as hell on the rug that Trex got her to lie on. I swear Trex is trying to steal my familiar with gifts. Thankfully I have bacon, so that means she won't be going far. "Where did Connor go?" Nix asks, coming out of the bedroom. He walks over to where I'm sitting, sliding next to me and swinging his arm around my shoulders. I turn to face him just as he reaches a hand over to me, and slides it into my hair, pulling me into a kiss. We don't get more than a moment before the door is opened and Nix pulls away with a little annoyed groan. I chuckle as I look around Nix to see Trex, Connor and Azi carrying three large pumpkins into the room. They put them on the table as I get up and walk over with Nix following. "Happy Halloween, Blue!" Connor says, coming over and gently kissing me as I smile. "You didn't have to do anything," I mutter. He is too sweet for his own good sometimes. Connor always seems to just know how to make me feel better. "I know, but you seemed sad about missing Hali. I can't get Hali back, but we can keep up this tradition until she is back with us," he replies. "Thank you!" I whisper, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and holding him tightly for a moment before clearing my throat and stepping back. Azi offers me a spoon, bowl and knife to carve with. "What are you going to design?" Azi asks. "I'm going to help Connor do a tiger like Star." "I have a perfect idea, but you'll going to have to wait and see," I grin. We all get to work, digging out the insides of the pumpkin and carving our plan into the skin on the outside. Connor and Azi make a perfect tiger, and they carve out little stars all around the side of the pumpkin too. I glance over at Trex and Nix's pumpkin, seeing they have done the protector city in perfect detail. I laugh as I look back at mine. It has a frying pan held by a hand and a few rashers of bacon in the air above it. I've even written my name near the top, to make sure everyone knows the bacon is mine. "A bacon pumpkin? I should have known," Connor chuckles with all the guys as he hands me a candle to put inside. "Bacon is life after all." I wink at Connor before putting my candle inside my pumpkin and knowing this isn't a Halloween I will ever forget.


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